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How to Fight Cancer?
Tel: +62 812 9261059
Tel: +62 21 6693460
Email: cs@cancerhelps.com
Correspondent Add:
PO Box 6172
JKUPL 14440A, Indonesia

No.48, JL PP59,
Taman Pingiran Putra 43300

Tel:+65 912 79384
111 North Bridge Road
27-01, Peninsula Plaza
Singapore 179098
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Typhonium Plus

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We have made recording of numerous interviews with patients who have found healing after following the Cancer Care Therapy. These are now available on VCDs or CD-ROMs. In addition to the some examples below, there are other healing cases such as: cancers of the prostate, colon, cervical, liver, etc. Write us if you are interested to hear the stories as related by the cancer patients themselves. Where patients speak Chinese or Malaysian language, we provide English subtitle.

I am Misniwati 36 years old already free from breast cancer. First I not sure can recover, because almost 2 years I already have that disease. I am very grateful to GOD that until now I already free from cancer after consume Typhonium Plus. Until now I still consume Typhonium Plus to maintain my body stamina and as my supplement. Thanks again to Typhonium Plus ( Medan 2005 )
I am A Tung, I was suffered tumor on my nose. I have had operation in one of Medan hospital. But after operation no changes on my disease. After I consume Typhonium Plus, I feel a different on my self. Now I can breath well without any lump in my nose. I am very thanks to GOD. Again thank you tyhponium plus, although I already heal but I still consume Typhonium plus cause it become antibody and my supplement everyday (Medan -2005)